Welcome to the harvard club of luxembourg

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our Club – and to our new website!

Luxembourg is a small country, but big for its size!


The financial industry, the EU courts and offices, and the country’s central location in Europe, for example, has helped make Luxembourg city a capital that has much more to offer culturally and otherwise than almost any other city its size. In addition, Luxembourg is great for exploring, hiking and bicycling, with its castles, forests paths and country roads.


The Harvard Club of Luxembourg is not large, but we hope to arrange some fun and interesting meetings and events.  Something I particularly like is the opportunity to meet people from so many different areas: lawyers, business, education, medicine, the arts and sciences, and everyone has an interesting story to tell! Although we are small, our members are from a cross section of the university. I learn something new at every event. And I get new friends, and see old ones.

This website is new: please send us ideas for events and improvements!
And do join our closed Facebook group. This group is only available for members of the club, and its contents can only be seen by its members.

I hope you will join us and enjoy the events!

On behalf of the Harvard Club of Luxembourg, a very warm welcome to the entire Harvard community in Luxembourg!

Atle Hedløy, AB ’83, SM ’83, MBA ‘88
Harvard Club of Luxembourg